2008, computer controlled installation

Networked computers, custom computer applications, video projection, mirror, lens, speakers

Combination large, ever changing drawing, runaway video game on the fritz, and experimental animation, complete with surround sound. Projected on the main wall, a mother duck is pulled in an endless trek through a desolate man made environment, her head trailing behind on a distorted/elongated neck, ducklings falling from her mouth. In the corner of the room a nest of ducklings face the wall, visible only by their reflection in a mirror.

This installation is controlled by multiple networked computers, with each element interdependent on the other: the mother duck communicates with the landscape, which communicates with the nest of birds across the room, which communicates with the soundscape.


Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle, WA

McLeod Residence, Seattle, WA


“Brent Watanabe at McLeod Residence”, Adriana Grant, The Seattle Weekly

“Art Zone with Nancy Guppy”, Nancy Guppy, Seattle Channel