Wide angle photos of Isle of GG

Intro title sequence

Walkthrough of Isle of GG (normal camera)

Walkthrough of Isle of GG (wide angle camera)

Flyover of Isle of GG

Animal Crossing: All Mine

2020, video game intervention

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Like many people during the COVID-19 lockdown, I turned to videogames as an escape, and given the popularity of Animal Crossing, I decided to take a look. I was taken aback by the endless cycle of purgatory-like existence: wake up, complete rote tasks, consume, upgrade, discard, repeat. I embraced this spirit and spent the next 150+ hours paving my entire island with asphalt while collecting as many consumer goods as possible, and finally displaying and piling said goods over every square pixel of the island. A lot of time traveling was involved, but no mods. I did end up modding the game after completing the island so that I could remove the title screen at the beginning of the game, and to install the wide angle camera mod for documentation.

Friend code: SW-3075-6769-2598
Dream code: DA-9013-6947-0801


Milan Machinima Festival, VRAL, online


“Animal Crossing: All Mine. Videogioco, cinema e capitalismo”, Matteo Lupetti, Artribune (Italy)